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6 Things You Need To Get Ready To Hit The Beach or Pool

March 19, 2019


I know… It is March and cold and summer seems so far away.  But first, summer will be here in a blink and in California that means May, plus we have Spring Break at the end of this month.  Second, you ever go shopping for items for the beach and find out you can’t find them anywhere?  You might not get the major sales right now but you’ll get a selection that hasn’t been picked over.   Do an inventory.  Do you or your kids have swimsuits that are worn or too small?  Missing beach towels?  Last year you wanted a really cool beach bag but figured it was the end of summer so you’d wait until this year?  Well, now is the time to make an inventory list and set out shopping for what you need to make your beach summers fun.

Get some good sunglasses. Ones that fit well, are UV, stylish and will match a variety of outfits. I love these by Dolce & Gabbana.  The come with a hard case and a soft sleeve too.  I’m definitely one to drop sunglasses in my purse (and then they get scratched) so I like the idea of having the choice of either to protect them.


dolce & Gabbana sunglasses


I love this tote from CGear.  It comes in a few colors but I like the nautical look of this blue and white stripes.  Not only is it cute, it is also a sand-free bag.  The bottom is mesh so any sand or dirt that happens to get in the bag will fall out the bottom of it, keeping your car and house sand-free.  The straps are long enough to fit around a shoulder, it has one outside pocket and three inside pockets and it has a magnetic closure.  CGear has other sand-free products available including a rug, mat, R.V. mat, backpack, wagon and beach chair.

sand-free tote

If you are going to be in a pool, pond or river you have to check out these rafts by SwimWays.  Not only do they come in three colors, they also connect.  Float together with your friends.  Made for adults and kids.  You can connect two rafts or more.  They are easy to connect and a great way to get some sun and stay cool in the water while just relaxing.

swimways aqualink pool floats

Get some new clothing that is meaningful.  In celebration of International Women’s Day this top from OTB is over the top!!  I’m loving how it says so much about women being strong and powerful. As a single parent I wear so many hats and no one is going to hold me back.  ‘She needed a hero and that is what she became.’   This can apply to life, goals, challenges and more.


Get some comfortable shoes that are easy to slip on/off your feet.  Flip-flops are great if you are going straight in the water.  But if you are hanging at a pool party, will be walking around, or are in a crowded spot and need to park and walk awhile to get to your destination than you want shoes that protect you feet a little more and are comfortable.  I love these Bandit Oxford by Lugz.  They come in 6 colors, 11 sizes and are light to throw in a tote bag if you want to go barefoot in the sand.

bandit oxford lugz

Altec Lansing Baby Boom Speaker This tiny, compact speaker is also super durable. The Baby Boom speaker is waterproof, shockproof and dustproof and has a carabiner clip to hook to your bag, so you it can handle any trip you take it on.  It is always great to have music while sunbathing or swimming laps.  I especially love that this is waterproof, no worries about someone splashing water on it.

altec lansing baby boom speakerIf you are going to be in the sun make sure you pack plenty of water for everyone with you, snacks (especially for kids), a change of clothing and lots of sunscreen.  Don’t forget the ground or sand can be hot so feet should be protected.  Enjoy your time and make sure sunscreen is applied a few times to avoid a bad burn.


What are your ‘must haves’ for a day in the water?