The Sound of My History

Motion picture sound is introduced with “The Jazz Singer”, engineers at Western Electric develop the technology and would later go on to form Altec Lansing.

The Sound of My Heritage

Altec Service Company buys Lansing Manufacturing headed by James B. Lansing (JBL), the pioneering audio engineer and designer. Altec Lansing is formed.

The Sound of My Ingenuity

Altec Lansing launches its first microphone, the legendary 639 “Birdcage:. This would set the standard for broadcast recording technology for years to come.

The Sound of My Legacy

Altec Lansing is the system of choice for live entertainment including; when the Beatles played Shea Stadium, the Monterey Pop Festival and at Woodstock.

The Sound of My Creativity

Billboard Magazine announces there are more Altec Lansing products in studios all over the world, including Abbey Road, than all other brands combined.

The Sound of My World

Altec Lansing is Calle don to supply the best sound systems around the globe including the Ontario Motor Speedway, Euro Disney and the 1984 Olympic Games.

The Sound of My Innovation

Altec Lansing conquers the home audio market. Anticipating the future, engineers work with IBM to create the first computer speakers.

The Sound
My Tech

Altec Lansing is at the forefront of the mobile entertainment revolution and develops the first iPhone docking speaker, the T612

The Sound of My Lifestyle

Altec Lansing has always imagined news to experience sound. Our innovations have rocked music history and given a voice to generations.

The Sound of My Future

Our exclusive collaboration with Nick Jonas ushers in new and innovative audio products for the next generation of music fans.

The Sound of My Sports

Altec Lansing begins strategic partnerships with the NHL’s Rangers and the MLB’s Cardinals, Giants, Red Sox, Twins, and more.

The Sound
My Game

Altec Lansing launches into gaming, offering innovative headsets, keyboards, mice, and more.

The Sound of My Future

Altec Lansing continues to burst into the audio world leveraging its next-generation technology by releasing new products, like wearable devices and clock radios.