ALT- 500 Modern Turntable

MSRP $149.99

  • Key Features
  • 2 Hidden Built-In Stereo Speakers
  • Bluetooth Streaming
  • 3 Turntable Speeds
  • Introducing the minimally modern turntable with just the right amount of features. The ALT-500 is a 3-speed belt-driven turntable that allows you to experience technology the good ol' fashioned way.

    The ALT-500 provides you with rich music indulgence in three ways, 1) streaming with Bluetooth wirelessly from other Bluetooth compatible devices, 2) connecting to an external Bluetooth speaker, and 3) using the RCA audio outputs on the back of the turntable to connect with your home system. With a plethora of other features like 2 (strategically hidden) built-in stereo speakers, auto stop, stylus cartridge for record playing, DC 12V transformer, 45RPM adaptor, L/R RCA output jacks, DC in power jack, and music playback, you can now spin your vinyl collection to your heart's desire. That’s music-to-your-ears enjoyment!

  • Tech Specs
    • Model Number


    • Bluetooth

      Bluetooth Streaming

    • Connection Options

      L/R RCA Output Jacks

    • Turntable

      3 Turntable Speeds

    • Product Dimensions

      12.9 x 12.3 x 4.4 inches

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