BoomJacket 2


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  • Key Features
  • IP67; Waterproof, Shockproof, Snowproof and it FLOATS!
  • On-board microphone
  • Built-in Smartphone Charger
  • TTS, Spoken Caller ID
  • Hands-Free Operation
  • Voice Assistant Integrated Speakerphone
  • The BoomJacket 2 Bluetooth Speaker is packed with features including IP67-rated waterproof, shockproof and snowproof construction; floatable and submersible providing a 50-foot wireless range along with extra audio horsepower, 50 hours with spoken battery level, Voice Assistant Integrated Speakerphone to access Siri and Google Assistant through your BoomJacket 2 and smartphone charging support for charging mobile devices while on the road. Designed with omni-directional sound, immerse yourself into 360 degree room filling sound for the ultimate listening experience. Built with true wireless stereo plus pairing, pair 2 BoomJacket 2's together for and even more amplified sound! The BoomJacket 2 also features a built-in universal mounting mechanism for easy attachment to equipment and structures like bikes, kayaks, jet skis, and motorcycles.

    Product Manual

  • Tech Specs
    • Model Number


    • Waterproof rating


    • Wireless Range

      50 feet

    • Battery Life

      Up to 50 hours

    • Included Accessories


    • Voice Assistant Integrated Speakerphone

      Access Siri or Google Assistant through your speaker

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Years of saltwater abuse without failure.

Chris V.

You’ll lose it long before it ever shows a hint of wearing out. Next time i’ll make sure it’s tied to something before kayaking at night…

Unique Wireless Speaker !

Basil H.

This BoomJacket 2 is A Great Speaker and it’s Definitely Designed For The Outdoor.Plus The Sound is Amazing . Enjoy it.

wow! This thing packs a punch!

Scott W.

Been looking for a music solution while riding my PWC, and I have found the perfect solution, the BoomJacket2. Awesomeness has come.